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Since 2015, CFC has produced nine short films through our Script to Screen grant. We also support our members’ independent filmmaking projects through fiscal-sponsorship, cast and crew acquisition, publicity and outreach, resource sharing and more.

Navidad de Reserva

Navidad de Reserva follows Florencia as she lives through another holiday away from her homeland, customs, family and friends. While also trying to build her own family and accept her new place in the world. But nothing gets any easier when a migratory policy leaves her hanging in an infinite loop, wondering if she’ll be able to make it back home.
Director: Roberta MazzolettiScreenwriter: Roberta Mazzoletti

Secret Bonsai

In a gritty, apocalyptic society that has been brought to its knees by hate and oppression, a courageous woman risks her life to retrieve a simple but precious gift for her children.
Screenwriter: Jen ElkingtonDirector: Jen Elkington


Be careful what you let in. Late on Halloween night, long after the other trick or treaters have gone to bed, a lost little girl appears on single mother Liz's doorstep, desperate to get in.
Screenwriter: Elisa GraybillDirector: Elisa GraybillProducer: Katie Daly

Red Jam

Answering a roommate ad on Craigslist can be a harrowing experience particularly in modern day Portland. There’s no guarantee who you’ll end up with...a saint, a serial killer or a slayer.
Director: Katie DalyProducer: Katie Daly
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