Lily Hennings

Director, Screenwriter, Production Assistant

Oh hey there! If you are looking for POC queer sci-fi-loving writer then you have stumbled onto the right profile.

A little bit about me; I am a Washington-born filmmaker, but relocated to Oregon 2 years ago and haven't left since! I earned my Associate’s degree in Media, with Film as a subcategory in March 2019, having taken Running Start courses to start my college career with ambition. I transferred to Portland State University the following Fall 2019 and gained a managerial position at Portland's infamous Suncoast Motion Picture Company. Due to COVID-19, I had to leave my position and was offered the opportunity to intern as a Videographer for PSU’s collaboration with TEDx, which granted me further experience in film production.

As I complete my Bachelor of Science degree in Film, I am currently working as an Online Editor for the Portland State Vanguard, running the website and social media. I also work part-time at the PSU School of Film as a Film Digitizer, providing me with the opportunity to hone my organizational skills in the film library.

I am interested in all forms of filmmaking, but I have a special place in my heart for editing, writing, and directing. I am trained for on-set production, including videography and sound recording. In my free time, I am open to many creative endeavors, including animation and digital illustrations, as well as caring for my fur-baby and writing reviews on the latest films. I hope to work with you folx soon!