Vanessa Hopkins

Actor, Director, Director of Photography

Vanessa has the knack for capturing the essence of who you are and what inspires you...

Whether you are a company or individual, your story is what's most important and is what also inspires others. The truth behind why you do what you do, is what people connect to and ultimately want to be a part of. The art of what you do, can be expressed beautifully in the digital context.

Why not create a work of art, something memorable and timeless?

Vanessa has spent her lifetime in the entertainment industry: From Avant Garde theater to Home Depot Commercials. She's traveled the world and been witness to many extraordinary things. Her experience in the healing arts and yoga gives a sensitivity to her work that taps into the metaphysical. Yet, she is still very inspired by what makes art universal and hence, marketable. Her style is very much based in the principles of Wabe Sabe (the Japanese art of appreciating perfection in the seemingly imperfect)

Nothing lasts forever--except maybe, video