Rebeca Alamo Gonzalez

Screenwriter, Script Supervisor

When she is not analyzing screenplays for Hollywood's #1 Script Coverage Service, WeScreenplay, she is programming for recognizable Film Festivals.

Rebeca´s portfolio includes originals and adaptation screenplays and teleplays, a graphic novel, a dictionary, bilingual essays, and poems. Her most notable film credits are Script supervisor and Producer for small indie productions in the Pacific North West.

Rebeca belongs to the Girl Gang Game production Company and is an Honors Graduate from Vancouver Film School Visual Arts and Design and Writing for Film and TV Programs.

Have a play/book/comic/game you'll like to adapt to the silver or golden screen? Let's talk!

Currently, she is working with the Portland´s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability and local nonprofits to help bridge the Digital divide that BIPOC and individuals with disabilities are experiencing during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Rebeca, along with her colleague and friend, Katmeow Garcia are the recipients of the Oregon Film and NW Film Center's Playa Residency Award to take place on February-March of 2021 in Central Oregon.