E.R. Womelsduff

Screenwriter, Director

Ambitious but poor, Womelsduff made it through college on a diet of free Dr. Pepper refills and Tide Pods (just kidding — like she could afford name-brand laundry detergent). The first screenplay she ever wrote was a blatant rip-off of Pirates of the Caribbean entitled "The 7th Doubloon: Maiden's Revenge," which she feverishly jotted down in a spiral-bound notebook on a family camping trip at the age of 12. After learning of Tolkien's linguistic inventions, she spent three months creating a brand new language, including handwritten vocabulary flashcards. This endeavor died a quiet death once the rigors of 8th grade began.

Her screenplays, short films, and documentaries have won at national festivals and competitions. Her short story, Ghost Pain, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She studied contemporary narrative fiction and European mythology at St. Catherine's College, Oxford University and earned a BA in English and a BFA in Cinematic Arts: Production from Azusa Pacific University. She also has two novels and a book of poetry published under the name Temple West.