Miracle Valenzuela Everett

Director, Producer, Screenwriter

Miracle is originally from Los Angeles, lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 8 years and has been in Portland, Oregon since 2021. They are an Austrian, Mexican, Apache and Yaqui Native American filmmaker. They created their first short film, "Chamomile Blue" in 2020, which told the story of two transgender lovers, in the bliss of their joy. Highlighting a story where there was pure trans queer joy. Their second short film, "A Wedding to Diego" is in post-production. This film follows several trans BIPOC characters, exploring the concepts of codependency, addiction, family and friendship. Miracle is an interdisciplinary artist who also performs in drag and music. They recently directed a music video for their song "The Realization." Their goal is to bring accessibility to media production to underserved communities, such as Disabled, Houseless, BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ folks.