Marisa Gershenhorn

Assistant Director, Editor, Director

Marisa is a Portland-based director, AD, writer, editor, and 2D animator. Her work includes "Supply Chain" (2023), "Ghostface Lessons" (2024), and the animated short "The End of Inertia" (2017). From New York City, she started her career working on sets for TV shows and indie shorts, and doing freelance animation work. She joined the production company 37th Degree as an editor, eventually becoming an assistant director shaping the creative direction of projects including short documentaries, music videos, and commercials, through production and post-production. In 2022, she joined the Caravan Stage Company, working on the creation and projection of the video elements for a sci-fi cirque opera show taking place on a 90-foot tall ship. Since moving to Portland in September 2023, she has been doing editing work and developing new ideas. Primarily interested in narratives and music videos but open to all types of projects, she is excited about working on and fostering film sets and film production practices that are inclusive and healthy spaces for everyone involved.