Suzanne Riley

Screenwriter, Director

After growing up in the Bay Area where she was the Dennis the Menace of children, climbing trees, building forts and accidentally tormenting her Mr. Wilson type neighbors, Suzanne moved to Portland, Oregon over 20 years ago. She thinks of Portland as a "mini-Bay Area with rain." She describes herself an adventure seeker and serial entrepreuner who is the first person to shout 'YES' when someone wants to recruit her for a crazy idea. She's game for just about anything. Her screenwriting and filmmaking focuses on stories of unexpected heros who are forced to take action beyond their comfort zone and push boundaries, which, like her childhood, tends to create both fans and foes.

When not writing or filming, Suzanne enjoys spending time with her family and pets, exploring new places in the Portland metro area (especially food trucks!) and fostering cats and kittens.