Haley McCoy

Grip, Gaffer, Production Assistant

From a young age, she has always enjoyed film, photography, and other forms of digital media. That appreciation soon grew into more when she realized that she wanted to be the one to make the content and not just consume it. She graduated in 2021 from Portland State University with a Bachelor's in Film and has been working in the industry since. She has worked on several indie films, short films, and commercials since then and her skill and appreciation for the craft has only grown with it.

Haley has always loved film and the idea of creating something bigger than themselves and creating something that others can enjoy and find meaning in. She has the drive and determination to deliver amazing results in the fast-paced world that is motion picture, and loves the team aspect that comes with filmmaking. She also wants to learn all about the other departments and expand her knowledge so that she can be a key crew member that can fill in any role that's needed.

Haley is eager to help however she can and is ready to make sure your next project goes as smoothly as possible.