Lyn Loo

Producer, Director, Assistant Director

Born and raised in Malaysia, Lyn Loo is a producer, director and writer currently based in Portland, Oregon. It was Lyn’s passion for photography that brought her a step further into the world of film. Her hunger to learn inspired her to pick different projects in film which led to many wonderful collaborations. 

Fencesitters is the first feature-length film that Lyn has produced. She also produced a variety of short films, including Executor, Thunderbird, and Shreds. Lyn always strives to include women and people of color on her sets and is passionate about empowering any minority group. She has also worked as AD and Production Coordinator on a number of sets. Lyn's attention to detail and meticulousness makes her an asset on any set. 

Lyn is committed to push for more Asian representation - more specifically Southeast Asian representation on screen and behind the camera. She hopes to help underrepresented aspiring filmmakers like her grow and find their own voice and place in the film industry. ​​​​​​​