Karlee Boon

Assistant Director, Production Assistant, Producer

Karlee Boon is a 22-year old freelance production assistant and independent horror filmmaker based in Portland, Oregon. Since 2017, Karlee has worked on a handful of professional productions including commercials, television and feature films. In 2018, she co-founded the feminist horror film collective, Monstrous Femme Films, for which she developed two short films for - producing Fanatico (2019) and co-directing/co-producing Camp Calypso (2020).

Karlee is Portland State University alumni, receiving a B.A. in Film in March 2021. She is currently writing and developing her next short film, a coming-of-age horror comedy "Night Shift." She is currently open to work, searching for for full-time opportunities in film & television as a production assistant, coordinator or assistant director.