Jess Carmen Young

Director, Actor

Jess Carmen Young is a performer, holistic nurse healer and the founder of Attunement Movement, a global initiative for creative empowerment, based in Portland, Oregon. Jess’ mission is to empower others to find what brings them into a place of inspired joy and creativity and act on it with devotion. She achieves this is by fostering opportunities for community connection and co-creation through the avenues of group performance, music videos, dance events, classes and workshops.

Jess’ soul shines the brightest when performing improvisational dance. Vulnerability and courage are key ingredients involved in surrendering into the mystery of a song. From this paradoxical place, transformation occurs. Jess’ gift is her ability to become a channel and let her soul’s wisdom pour through her dance—bringing herself and the audience into the present moment as they witness the alchemy of the soul and music embodied. Her passionate expression serves as a divine reflection of, not only what is possible in others, but what Jess believes is our birthright.