Jasmine Karcey

Director of Photography, Screenwriter, Director

Jasmine Karcey is a cinematographer with over twelve years of experience in the film and TV industry. She grew up on Maui before moving to Oregon, where she began her career in film. She is a member of the local 600 union and has a broad range of experience across various formats including fiction, documentaries, music videos, and commercials. She is known for her meticulous approach and ability to work effectively with different crew sizes and budgets. Jasmine is always looking for new projects, interesting stories, and unique subjects to work on.
She attended Southern Oregon University, where she studied both Film Production and Emerging Media, marking the beginning of her journey in the cinematic world. After moving to Portland, she became actively involved in creating documentaries and short videos as a Director of Photography. Her skills also led her to work in the camera department on notable episodic shows and movies such as "Leave No Trace," Netflix's "Everything Sucks," "American Vandal," and "The OA." In recognition of her rising talent, she was awarded as OMPA’s ‘Rising Star’ in 2018. Additionally, Jasmine has a long-standing interest in dance, starting classes at the age of six, as well as interests in photography, writing and painting, indicating her deep appreciation for the arts beyond cinematography.