Jake Hull

Composer, Sound Designer

Jake Hull is a composer for film, TV, VR, and theater. He received his degree in Music History/Literature & Anthropology and through his world music studies has created an eclectic and unique approach to telling the sonic story of a film. Although he began his music career as a touring and recording professional (performing with Jake Clemons on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, touring with rock band The Last Bison, and producing the female led art-pop group Pyrrhic Whim) he has been active as a composer for the past 5 years, working in every genre from documentary to narrative feature to experimental shorts.

His style is as diverse as his background: combining orchestral arranging; ambient synths; traditional folk, world, and pop influences; as well exploring new sounds and ways of creating music. At the heart of his work is the passion to tell the most honest and powerful story while collaborating with other storytellers and dreamers.