Jerry J Sampson

Director, Screenwriter

Author Bio
Jerry Sampson is a horror writer and screenwriter. Her love for film and the horror genre leads her to explore and question the darkness that lies in the shadows of human existence. She studies the concept of inherited trauma and finds much of her writing coalescing around that concept.

Jerry has furthered these themes throughout her work in short story, long-form fiction, screenplays, and non-fiction reviews and articles. Jerry has contributed to Ghouls Magazine, Rue Morgue, and more.

Jerry has authored multiple award-winning scripts including Motel, a psychological thriller which was recognized by Pasadena International Film Festival, Reel Time International Online Film Festival, Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards, Kapow Intergalactic Film Festival, Women in Horror Film Festival, and awarded as Best Thriller Screenplay by the Olympus Film Festival in Los Angeles. She also works as a copywriter, and as an editor and literary scout for the up-and-coming independent publishing outfit, Buckman Publishing, with a particular focus on their flagship publication—Buckmxn Journal: Anthology of Portland Artists and Writers.

Jerry is part of a vibrant online writing community where she writes film reviews and maintains a blog that discusses many aspects of the creative process. When not writing, she can be found frequenting film festivals, movie theaters, and supporting her fellow writers.

Jerry finds shelter in writing, reading, and watching sinister stories that haunt and terrify. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and cat-child.