Javier Rodriguez

Director, Director of Photography, Producer

Meet Javier, a dynamic visual storyteller and founder of HONEYCOMB Productions, based in the vibrant film community of Portland.

Javier's journey into the world of filmmaking began with a pivotal moment when they were brought onto the set of CREED by industry veteran Maryse Alberty. Serving as Maryse's personal assistant, Javier gained invaluable insights into the craft of visual storytelling.
From this foundational experience, Javier quickly rose through the ranks, honing their skills in cinematography, lighting, and rigging. Their journey has taken them from working on feature films to collaborating with various artists and creators, spanning genres and styles.

Now, leading HONEYCOMB Productions, Javier is dedicated to empowering emerging filmmakers and amplifying diverse voices in the industry. Through their work, they strive to bring high-quality narrative content to life, with a focus on meaningful storytelling and authentic representation.
Join Javier on their mission to elevate Portland's film community, one project at a time.