Genevieve Sage

Actor, Director, Screenwriter

Although the following is both my accomplishments and bragging rights, trust me that I have eaten my share of many MANY shit sandwiches.

  • Graduated cum laude from Western Washington University majoring in Theatre Arts, double specializing in Acting and Costume Design. Was the sole-recipient of faculty-voted Outstanding Graduate Award for my scholastic year.
  • Studied filmmaking at Seattle Film Institute
  • Have my own apparel styling business after years of working for New York Fashion Week for major designers
  • I've been an actress most of my life, continuing study in Los Angeles and New York city before growing my roots here in Portland over the last ten years.
  • I'm in two Comedy Sketch Troupes where I serve as Performer/Writer: 1) Curious Comedy Theatre's Sketch Machine and 2) Analysis Paralysis
  • I grew up on a lake in a forest in Bellingham, Washington miles away form civilization where my yearning for storytelling began.