Fuchsia Lin

Director, Costume Designer

My mission is leading innovative art that promotes the well-being of our planet. I’m a first-generation Taiwanese-American who works in the mediums of textile arts, costume design and film. I’ve been called a “Portland visionary” by The Seattle Times and a recipient of numerous art grants from RACC and OAC. Last year, PBS featured my story as a first generation American artist on their OPB Art Beat TV program; this story was nominated for an Emmy Award.

I’m an arts educator, guest lecturer and designer. I’ve been commissioned by creative agency Wieden+Kennedy and The Oregon Ballet Theatre to create fashion for social activism campaigns and ballets. I teach at Portland State University in the Art and Design department. I've created and taught workshops for the Portland Art Museum and Bodecker Foundation on fashion design and fashion filmmaking. My textiles and fashion are an ambassador for water environmentalism and the sustainable fashion movement.