Eva Moss

Director, Editor, Producer

Eva Moss’s love of creating story through film goes back to childhood and VCR to VCR editing (mash-up of Orlando and Grand Canyon anyone?).

They worked for a decade on PBS documentaries, co-producing Out Run, Ask Not, Mr. Cao Goes to Washington, States of Grace, and Emmy-nominated A Village Called Versailles, and helped edit, produce, and distribute dozens more.

Between the Lens, their production company, specializes in micro-documentaries for small businesses and non-profits. They have directed three narrative shorts, a commercial, and produced a short film and two web series.

Eva is a co-founder of Couch Film Collective, a non-profit dedicated to supporting women/non-binary folx and BIPoC in film. They believe this industry is uniquely positioned to change global dialogue and culture by empowering new voices.