Erika Star


Hello! I graduated with a degree in Entertainment and Media Management from Columbia College Chicago. After working in the music industry, I decided to live out my Womyn’s Fest fantasies in Portland, Oregon. My knack for social media, see: hilarious on Twitter, led to a staff writing position at, a website that focuses on the portrayal of queer women in the media. I have also contributed essays, interviews, recaps, and reviews across the World Wide Web.

Television has always been my first love and I recently completed the writing track at Second City Chicago. I also won a scholarship to The Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis and have taken feature and genre screenwriting classes at Portland State University. My greatest accomplishment, however, was when a friend asked me to consult on writing a lesbian sex scene. Basically, I would love to create and/or collaborate on any and all content, and if I am able to officially put “Lesbian Consultant” on my business cards, that would be a bonus.