Emily D. Myers

Screenwriter, Storyboard Artist, Assistant Director

I am a storyteller who utilizes various mediums, including animation, to share ideas. I focus on physical movement, or the illusion of movement, in my work because motion is an abstract language with the potential of being understood across cultures, so it follows that motion points to a form of communication without boundaries. My primary focus in my arts practice has been in the medium of stop motion, because it has allowed me to experiment with various forms of materials including metals, textiles, fibers, and paper.

I have an affinity for writing scripts for live action sketch comedy and animated short films. I also enjoy editing footage in Premiere Pro, animating in After Effects for Motion Design, and creating Stop Motion shorts. I have strong drawing skills and enjoy creating animatics. I consider myself skilled in all of these areas and am open to collaboration.

I have worked on the feature films: Oscar and BAFTA winning "Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio," "Booksmart." "Paranorman," "Boxtrolls," "Kubo and the Two Strings," and "Missing Link."