Elisa Graybill

Screenwriter, Producer, Director

Elisa Graybill is an award winning screenwriter living in Portland.  After attending liberal arts college Evergreen for playwriting, film and graphic novel writing, she completed her Masters in Screenwriting at USC. While there she received the Sony and Sega Fellowships in Interactive Media & Game Design Writing.

Elisa had the pleasure of working as an assistant and reader to Ray Stark at Rastar Pictures and is co-owner of Evil Club Productions.

Elisa won the Cyberspace Scene Writing Open and the Cyberspace Screen Writing Open Award for Drama, The OICC People’s Choice Film Grant (for “Darlings”), and was a top Five Finalist in Film Lab and top ten finalist in the AAA Screenwriting Contest, semi-finalist in Scriptapalooza, Writers On The Storm, Fresh Voices, Blue Cat and finalist in Emerging Screenwriters contests. A section of her script “Magic Trap” is featured in the screenwriters’ guide The Visual Mindscape of the Screenplay, by Bill Boyle.

Her psychological horror film “Cargo”, co-written with E. Michael Lewis, is in turnaround after development at Hammerhead Studios. She co-produced a trailer for her teenage horror pilot “Tainted” at the prompting of mentor Marc Zicree (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Sliders). Elisa’s short film “Darlings” is in the film fest circuit and her short film “BEK” (Black Eyed Kids) made in collaboration with The Couch Collective is in post-production.  You can check out her current project, a haunted house web series: TheThingsWeBury.com

She counts among her mentors David Simkins (Grimm, Charmed), Dan Knauff (Black List, Carnivale) and Bill Boyle (The Visual Mindscape).