d’Arquoia Connor

Actor, Producer

I am a Multi -Hyphenate Creative Actress, Producer, and Production Coordinator who is passionate about storytelling and creatively collaborating with others in all aspects of production. I received my Master's Degree In Fine Arts in Acting from the Actor's Studio Drama School at Pace University in New York, NY and have been trained in the Stanislavsky Method Acting Technique and am a classically trained mezzo Soprano. Growing up in the lower socioeconomic neighborhood of Richmond, California in the San Francisco Bay Area, working a string of "survival jobs" as a Millennial, and overcoming various adversity has made me a chameleon able to immerse myself in any role and engage with audiences from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds in a unique and truthful way. I am also a highly organized Production Coordinator who is calm under pressure and always easy to work with. I have a proven track record of finding creative solutions to problems, providing excellent communication to all production departments, possess excellent time management skills, and have a keen eye for attention to detail. I am highly motivated and have used my many years of experience as an actress, host, producers assistant, production assistant, and podcast producer to understand, provide, and execute the individual needs of each production department more effectively and efficiently. Lastly, my magnetic personality allows me to work well with anyone that I meet!