Julia Morizawa

Screenwriter, Producer, Actor

Julia Morizawa is a writer/producer/actor with over 20 years of experience in film, television, new media, theatre, and fiction podcasting. Produced credits include the improvised feature film JESUSCAT (OR HOW I ACCIDENTALLY JOINED A CULT), which was awarded Best Comedy Feature at the Asians on Film Festival in 2014 and the Movie Heroes Rising Star Award at the Action On Film Festival in 2013; the short film SIN & LYLE, which earned her a Best Female Filmmaker nomination at the Action On Film Festival in 2007; the play TWENTY-TWO, which premiered in Los Angeles in 2010; and the audio drama AMERICAN COMEDY HORROR STORY: ORPHANAGE, available worldwide on most podcast apps.

Julia’s current project, DRAGONFLY, is an animated short film about the Tokyo Firebombing of March 9-10, 1945, which premiered at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival in 2023. It was awarded Best Animation at the Maryland Int’l Film Festival and the Audience Award for Best Animation at DisOrient in 2024, and the script was awarded Best Short Screenplay by Scriptation Showcase and Screenwriting Master in 2019. Julia’s feature screenplay, SOMETHING ABOUT THE TIDE, most recently placed as a Finalist in the 2023 We Screenplay Feature Lab, the Top 50 in the 2023 Launch Pad Feature Competition, and the Top 5 in Roadmap Writers’ 2022 JumpStart Competition.

Julia’s career highlights as an actor include JUDAS KISS (feature film), SCANDAL (TV), SEAL TEAM (TV), MASHA NO HOME (stage), GALACTIC GALAXY (new media), STAR TREK: ODYSSEY (new media), and THE BRIGHT SESSIONS (fiction podcast). She is a graduate of the Professional Conservatory at The Second City Hollywood and has also trained at The BGB Studio, Actors’ Comedy Studio, The Sanford Meisner Center, and more.

Julia is also a freelance script analyst, the Short Film Fund Manager at Shore Scripts, and the proud mom of two tiny superheroes. In addition to storytelling with a diverse and inclusive perspective, her favorite pastimes include board and video games, escape rooms, renaissance faires, international travel, eating out at restaurants, and crossing things off her To Do List.