Caesar Morales

Screenwriter, Producer

I've lived in Texas, Oregon, Alaska, New York City, Los Angeles, Spain, France and England and have traveled to 11 states in total in the U.S.A. and 22 different countries. I've worked in the grip/electric and art departments and as an extra on numerous ad campaigns, independent movies, and TV shows for agencies including Partizan, AMV BBDO, NBC-Universal, Discovery Channel, Carnaby International, Devlin Entertainment, Globo Media, Producciones Bajocero, Fundacion First Team, Mobstar Media and Tiger Aspects.

I love working as a grip/electric or in the art department on projects.

I enjoy hiking and my goal is to visit at least 30 of the 62 national parks in the U.S. My dream is to hike Patagonia on both the Argentine and Chilean sides and to also hike the Dolemites in Italy.

Someday I hope to write and direct a creature feature. My inspirations are movies like The Fly, The Thing, Brain Dead, Gremlins, and Alien.