Audrey Rose Goldfarb

Producer, Director, Grip

Lifelong resident of Portland, Oregon, Audrey is a writer, photographer, filmmaker, and a painter. She's also an athlete and a mom, who lives a low-budget, high-impact lifestyle. In 2011, Goldfarb began working behind-the-scenes. Eventually, She was able to harness the skills she’d acquired on set, to create an unscripted series of her own. The goal was simple: Show the world the magic of her hometown, Portland, Oregon.
With an endless calendar of fun/quirky events around the city, combined with my rotating cast of goofy friends, the show would practically make itself! This was the beginning of Audreality. But it wasn’t until May of 2013,  when Goldfarb acquired her first video camera, that she began steadily producing content. In the last five years, she’s covered a wide array of local events, as well as expanded her stomping grounds, taking Audreality on the road throughout Oregon, across the USA, and abroad.