Aaron Isaac Vasquez

Screenwriter, Director, Producer

Aaron Isaac Vasquez is a multi-talented filmmaker who has been telling stories for years. As a Latino filmmaker originally from Austin, Texas, and now based in Portland, Oregon, Aaron brings a unique perspective to his work that sets him apart.

As a screenwriter, Aaron has written several feature screenplays, and as a filmmaker, he has produced a number of compelling short films and even a couple of feature films in the thriller and horror genres, as well as exploring sci-fi, western, and dramatic storytelling. With a keen eye for cinematography and a talent for eliciting powerful performances from his actors, Aaron's work has been recognized for its creativity and storytelling prowess.

As he continues to grow and develop as a filmmaker, Aaron remains committed to pushing boundaries and exploring new territory in his work. His passion and dedication are sure to continue to inspire and captivate audiences for years to come.